National Assembly of Pakistan (Testing purpose)

National Assembly of Pakistan (Testing purpose)

The National Assembly of Pakistan  is the lower house of the bicameral Mallis-e-Shure, which also comprises the President of Pakistan and Senate of Pakistan (upper house). The National Assembly and the Senate both convene at Parliament House in Islamabad. The National Assembly is a democratically elected body consisting of a total of 342 members who are referred to as Members of the National Assembly (MNAs), of which 272 are elected members and 70 reserved seats for women and religious minorities. A political party must secure 137 seats to obtain and preserve a majority.

Members are elected through the first-past-the-post system under universal adult suffrage, representing electoral districts known as National Assembly constituencies. According to the constitution, the 70 seats reserved for women and religious minorities are allocated to the political parties according to their proportional representation.

Each National Assembly is formed for a five-year term, commencing from the date of the first sitting, after which it is automatically dissolved. Currently the National Assembly cannot be dissolved by the President of Pakistan, it is dissolved by the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

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