1. Abase — Degrade, Disgrace, Humiliate, Demean,
2. Abandon —–Desert, Forsake, Leave, Relinquish
3. Abhor —-Hate, Detest, Loathe, Abdominate
4. Abut —–Adjoin, Border, Verge on, Join
5. Abstain —-Refuse, Renounce, Avoid, Shun
6. Abbreviate —-Curtail, Abridge, Compress, Shorten, Truncate
7. Aberration—– Deviation, Wandering, Errant, Irrregular, Weird
8. Abet—– Aid, Assist, Condone, Favour, Support, Promote
9. Absurd —-Ridiculous, Silly, Foolish, Preposterous
10. Abstruse —–Recondite, Hidden, Difficult
11. Assiduous—— Painstaking, Diligent, Industrious, Laborious
12. Abundant —Ample, Copious, Plentiful, Bountiful
13. Adequate —-Enough, Sufficient, Proportionate
14. Accommodate —-Adapt, Adjust, Reconcile
15. Acme—- Summit, Apex, Zenith, Peak
16. Acclaim —-Applaud, Cheer, Celebrate, Extol
17. Acquiesce—– (in) Assent, Rest, Accede, Comply, Concur, Consent
18. Admiration —-Esteem, Praise, Respect, Approval, Approbation
19. Adherent—- SAcmeing to, Follower, Partisan, Devotee
20. Affliction —-Distress, Ordeal, Suffering, Sorrow
21. Adversity—- Misfortune, Calamity, Catastrophe, Hostility
22. Ameliorate—- Make better, Improve, Amend
23. Ally —-Colleague, Helper, Partner, Accomplice
24. Audacious —-Bold, Brazen, Impudent, Daring
25. Astonish —Amaze, Surprise, Astound, Flabbergast
26. Assistance —-Help, Aid, Succor, Collaboration, Sustenance
27. Aphorism —-Maxim, Apothegm, Axiom, Proverb, Motto,
28. Apprehend —-Seize, Know, Fear, Arrest, Understand
29. Appraise —–Evaluate, Estimate

30. Antithesis —-Contrasting, Reverse
31. Alms —–Dole, Gratuity, Money, Clothes and food that
are given to poor people
32. Beg —-Implore, Solicit, Supplicate, Beseech, Request
33. Behaviour —-Ignoble, Mean, Low, Foundation
34. Bad —-Evil, Wicked, Devilish, Naughty, Worthless
35. Blame —-Censure, Reprove, Condemn, Reproach
36. Blessing —–Benediction, God’s help or protection
37. Barbaric—- Savage, Uncivilized, Primitive Align
38. Bait —-Snare, Trap, Decoy
39. Brittle —–Frail, Fragile, hard but easily broken
40. Bizarre—– Unusual, Grotesque, Fantastic
41. Bewilder—– Confound, Perplex, Befuddle, Befog, Baffle,
42. Belligerent —–Warlike, Pugnacious, Hostile
43. Bedlam —–Pandemonium, Chaos, Mayhem, Clamor,
44. Bravo—- Fearless, Intrepid, Dauntless, Valiant, Bold
45. Burlesque —-Mock, Imitate, Tease, Satirize, Ridicule, Jeer,
46. Browbeat —-Intimate, Bully, Frighten, Threaten
47. Backlash —-Repercussion, Reaction, Recoil
48. Banal —-Dull, Trite, Hackneyed, Prosaic
49. Bigoted —-Biased, Prejudiced, Dogmatic, Opinionated
50. Calm —-Quiet, Tranquil, Peaceful, Sedate, Composed,
51. Cajole —-Persuade, Flatter, Wheedle, Coax
52. Captious—- Censorious, Hypercritical, Faulfinding
53. Care—- Solicitude, Anxiety, Misgiving, Forebonding
54. Charlatan —-Impostor, Mountebank, Quack, Chicane,
55. Choleric—- Irascible, Petulant, Bad-tempered

56. Conceit —-Pride, Vanity, Ego, Arrogance
57. Colossal —-Gigantic, Huge, Enormous, Mammoth, Vast
58. Cynical —-Misanthropic, Moody, Eccentric, Sardonic,
59. Conversant—– Familiar, Well versed, Acquainted (with)
60. Condign —-Due, Merited, Well deserved, Due, Suitable
61. Condone —-Pardon, Forgive, Excuse, Overlook
62. Confess —–Admit, Apologise, Own, Acknowledge
63. Contingent on) Liable, Possible, Uncertain
64. Constant —–Eternal, Perpetual, Incessant, Continuous
65. Cross —-Crusty, Fretful, Ill-humoured
66. Cursory—- Hasty, Superficial, Careless
67. Concise —-Short, Brief, Abridged, Compact
68. Crafty—- Cunning, Artful, Sly, Calculating
69. Cruelty —Tyranny, Persecution, Brutality, Oppression,
70. Damage —Loss, Harm, Injury, Detriment
71. Decay —-Wither, Fade, Corrode, Decline
72. Destitute—- Needy, Forsaken, Orphan
73. Didactic— Teaching, Instructive, Perfecting
74. Denounce —Accuse, Condemn, Arraign, Decry, Censure
75. Divine—- Heavenly, Celestial, Graceful, Godlike
76. Dangerous—- Perilous, Risky, Hazardous, Precarious
77. Dear —-Expensive, Costly, Loved by somebody
78. Definitive—- Limiting, Final, Positive
79. Desultory—- Discontinuous, Irregular, Rambling
80. Diffident —-Modest, Bashful, Shy
81. Discourse —–Lecture, Sermon, Exhortation, Dissertation
82. Dissipate—- Scatter, Waste
83. Economy—- Management, Frugality, Thrifty, Judicious
84. Effete —-Exhausted, Old, Worn out, Tired
85. Elicit—- Draw out, Discover
86. Elude —-Baffle, Avoid, Cheat, Fool

87. Emancipate—- Free, Liberate, Release, Deliver, Uplift
88. Emulate —- Imitate, Rival
89. Enticehl— Lure, Persuade, Allure, Entrap
90. Extravagant —-Prodigal, Wasteful
91. Exquisite—- Elegant, Fine, Matchless, Exclusive
92. Exceptional—– Anomalous, Unique, Extraordinary
93. Extricate —- Disentangle, Untangle
94. Ephemeral —- Transient, Short-lived
95. Exterminate —– Uproot, Eradicate, Eliminate, Destroy, Annihilate
96. Exacerbate —– Magnify, Heighten, Enlarge, Overstate, Amplify
97. Exculpate—- Absolve, Vindicate
98. Exigency —–Emergency, Distress
99. Fascinate —– Charm, Enchant, Memorize, Bewitch
100. Fastidious—— Dainty, Squeamish, Hard to please
101. Fate Lot, Destiny, End
102. Fatuous Silly, Purposeless
103. Fight Battle, Contention, Combat, Struggle, Conflict,
104. Fury Anger, Rage, Wrath, Ire
105. Fecund Prolific, Fertile, Fruitful, Luxuriant, Productive
106. Ferocious Savage, Barbaric, Fierce, Wild, Uncivilized
107. Fictitious False, Imaginative, Illusionary, Fabricated,
108. Flagrant Notorious, Outrageous, Disgraceful
109. Fortuitous Chance, Accidental
110. Forerunner Precursor, Herald, Harbinger
111. Forbid Prohibit, Preclude, Inhibit, Debar
112. Flippant Pert, Frivolous, Impudent, Saucy
113. Flamboyant Bombastic, Ostentatious, Ornate
114. Fatal Deadly, Mortal, Lethal, Virulent
115. Fallacy Imperfection, Erring, Wrong
116. Furbish Polish, Spruce, Renovate
117. Fortitude Strength, Firmness, Valour, Determination

118. Guile Fraud, Trickery, Cunning
119. Gratification Satisfaction, Enjoyment
120. Garrulous Talkative, Loquacious
121. Humane Kind, Generous, Benevolent, Compassionate
122. Haughty Arrogant, Proud, Egoist, Obstinate
123. Humility Politeness, Meekness, Modesty
124. Hamper Hinder, Block, Impede, Prevent
125. Illiterate Unlearned, Ignorant, Uneducated
126. Impotent Powerless. Disabled, Inadequate, Incapable
127. Immaterial Unimportant, Insignificant, Useless, Irrelevant
128. Imminent Threatening, Impending, Approaching
129. Irresolute Undecided, Wavering, Vacillating
130. Indignant Angry, Furious, Irate, Exasperated
131. Inanimate Lifeless, Dead, Dormant, Stagnant, Extinct
132. Ingenuous Artless, Sincere, Naïve, Innocent
133. Insidious Cunning, Clever, Inventive, Deceitful, Sly
134. Intimate Close, Confident, Inform, Cherished
135. Inexorable Relentless, Merciless, Apathetic, Harsh
136. Impertinent Irrelevant, Impudent, Insolent, Saucy
137. Jolly Jovial, Merry, Cheerful, Affable
138. Jubilant Elated, Triumphant
139 Joy Delight, Pleasure, Ecstasy, Elation
140. Knave Fraud, Cheat, Scoundrel, Rogue
141. Lament Sorrow, Mourn, Grieve
142. Liberal Generous, Kind, Tolerant, Permissive
143. Lenient Forbearing, Forgiving, Compassionate, Mild
144. Lethargy Laziness, Stupor, Sluggishness, Idleness
145. Likeness Similarity, Resemblance, Affinity
146. Lively Active, Enthusiastic, Agile, Brisk
147. Loyal Devoted, Faithful, Trustworthy, Honest
148. Meagre Small, Tiny, Inadequate, Scanty
149. Mean Low, Petty, Abject, Selfish
150. Misery Sorrow, Distress, Affliction, Grief

151. Morbid Unhealthy, Diseased, Ghastly, Horrid
152. Mournful Sad, Sorrow, Gloomy, Dejected
153. Mighty Powerful, Massive, Strong, Almighty
154. Malice Bitterness, Spite, Ill-well, Rancour, Malevolence
155. Melancholy Gloomy, Sadness, Sorrow, Dejected
156. Magnificent Splendid, Grand, Good, Glorious
157. Notorious Infamous, Dishonourable, Flagrant, Blatant
158. Notable Memorable, Remarkable, Renowned, Eminent
159. Obscene Filthy, Indecent, Awful, Bawdy, Vulgar,Gross,
160. Obsolete Antiquated, Old-fashioned, Extinct, Outworn
161. Obtrude Thrust, Pressure, Importunate, Interfere
162. Obliterate Destroy, Efface, Demolish, Erase
163. Opportune Timely, Convenient, Appropriate, Well-chosen
164. Pensive Thoughtful, Rational, Contemplative, Reflective
165. Pathetic Moving, Touching, Distressing, Lamentable
166. Pious Religious, Holy, Devout, God-fearing
167. Perennial Perpetual, Parmanent, Long lasting, Constant
168. Portray Delineate, Depict, Draw, Sketch
169. Possess Have, Own, Acquire, Occupy, Seize
170. Prate Chatter, Babble, Tattle, Talkative
171. Prodigal Extravagant, Wasteful, Spendthrift, Squander
172. Precocious Premture, Forward, Advanced, Developed
173. Philanthropist Altruist, Charitable, Benevolent, Kind
174. Patronize Condescend, Stoop, Snub
175. Penalize Castigate, Chatise, Punish
176. Picturesque Charming, Pictorial, Scenic, Sylvan
177. Prerogative Privilege, Advantage, Exemption, Right
178. Prohibit Forbid, Interdict, Prevent, Ban
179. Pillage Plunder, Loot, Rob, Destroy, Steal
180. Poignant Touching, Moving, Heart-Rending
181. Quaint Queer, Odd, Singular, Whimsical
182. Quirk Whim, Caprice,, Fancy, Peculiarity

183. Quip Retort, Repartee, Remark, Jest
184. Quarantined Separated, Isolated, Restrained
185. Qualm Scruple, Doubt, Uncertainty, Suspicion
186. Queer Strange, Odd, Indifferent, Weird
187. Questionable Doubtful, Disputable, Accountable,
188. Quest Search, Pursuit, Inquisitive, Crusade
189. Quick Alive, Swift, Keen, Fast
190. Radiant Brilliant, Bright, Intelligent, Beaming
191. Refined Elegant, Polished, Cultured, Sophisticated
192. Rebellion Mutiny, Revolt, Struggle, Fight
193. Reiterate Repeat, Do it again, Rewrite, Emphasis
194. Remorse Repentance, Regret, Anguish, Grief
195. Renown Reputation, Fame, Famous, Distinguished
196. Rejoice Exult, Delight, Happy, Glad
197. Relevant Execute, Applicable, Pertinent, Implement
198. Resistance Opposition, Hindrance, Combat, Struggle
199. Ruin Destruction, Downfall, Wreckage, Devastation
200. Rigid Stiff, Unyielding, Stern
201. Rash Impetuous, Hasty, Foolhardy, Impulsive,
202. Refute Disprove, Answer, Deny
203. Ricochet Rebound, Reflect, Bounce, Carom
204. Rut Groove, Hollow, Furrow, Habit, Course, Routine
205. Rural Suburban, Rustic, Agrarian, Country
206. Radical Fundamental, Native, Original, Extreme,
Rebellious, Rimy Frosty, Hazy, Blurred
207. Remote Far, Distant, Interior place, Aloof
208. Ridiculous Absurd, Silly, Comical, Ludicrous
209. Sane Wise, Sensible, Sound, Balanced
210. Satiate Satisfy, Surfeit, Glut, Happy
211. Sacred Holy, Consecrated, Blessed, Divine
212. Scanty Meagre, Slender, Insufficient, Limited

213. Scold Chide, Rebuke, Rail, Complain
214. Scrutinize Examine, View, Study, Analyze, Inspect
215. Scorching Sweltering, Searing, Burning, Fiery
216. Spry Nimble, Agile, Animated, Brisk, Lively, Quick
217. Statute Law, Decree, Ordinance, Edict, Rule, Act, Bill
218. Stipulation Prerequisite, Condition, Qualification, Clause
219. Subterfuge Ploy, Scheme, Stratagem, Deceit, Deception
220. Substantiate Authenticate, Validate, Confirm, Verify,
221. Succinct Brief, Concise, Terse, Abbreviated
222. Sensual Carnal, Fleshy, Voluptuous, Attractive
223. Servile Slavish, Docile, Timid, Mean
224. Shrewd Astute, Perspicacious, Canny, Calculative
225. Shy Bashful, Coy, Diffident, Hesitant
226. Solitary Single, Hermetic, Isolated, Desolate
227. Static Firm, Adamant, Fixed
228. Spurious Fake, Counterfeit, Artificial, False
229. Sterile Unproductive, Barren, Impotent, Disinfected
230. Sublime Exalted, Elevated, Improved, Magnified
231. Superficial Shallow, Illusion, Dream, Outward
232. Synonymous Identical, Equivalent, Alike, Similar
233. Taboo Forbidden, Banned, Prohibited
234. Tenacious Resolute, Persistent, Obstinate
235. Tenet Belief, Conviction, Dogma, Doctrine, Creed
236. Therapeutics Curative, Restorative, Recuperative
237. Temperate Moderate, Balanced, Controlled, Sensible
238. Ulterior Concealed, Shrouded, Obscured
239. Urchin Waif, Stray, Foundling, Orphan
240. Urge Incite, Press, Implore, Instigate, Drive, Impel,
241. Veto Reject, Discard, Void, Nullify, Invalidate,
242. Vilify Malign, Slur, Defame, Slander

243. Vivacious Sprightly, Spirited, Energetic
244. Wile Trickery, Artifice, Ruse
245. Winsome Beautiful, Captivating, Comely, Delightful
246. Waive Forgo, Relinquish, Defer, Renounce
247. Yield Surrender, Submit, Admit, Agree
248. Yearn Crave, Desire, Aspire, Urge
249. Zeal Zest, Passion, Enthusiasm, Fervour, Tempo
250. Zenith Peak, Apex, Summit, Acme

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