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1* “City of colleges”
Ans. Lahore

2* “Replica of the sahara”
Ans. Skardu

3* “Gateway of Pakistan”
Ans. Karachi

4* “Bab-ul-Islam”
Ans. Sindh

5* “Swaziland of Pakistan”
Ans. Swat

6* “City of Textile”
Ans. Faisalabad

7* “Valley of Flowers”
Ans. Peshawar

8* “City of Saints”
Ans. Mutan

9* which city of the world is known as ” Little Pakistan”
Ans. Bradford

10* “Land of Five rivers”
Ans. Punjab

11* “Land of Brave People”
Ans. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Gilgat Balistan

12* “Pearl of Himaliya”
Ans. Kaghan

13* “City of lightning”
Ans. Karachi

14* Texila university was established by the king ?
Ans. Ashoka

15* Badshahi Mosque located in lahore was built by?
Ans. Aurangzeb Alamgir

16* Lahore was properly walled city surrounded by …….gates ?
Ans. 12

17* Badshahi Mosque is located in?
Ans. Lahore

18* Badshahi Mosque was built in?
Ans. 1673

19* Baba farid Ganj shakar’s is located in?
Ans. pakpatan

20* Manora famous for tourism is name of ?
Ans. Island

21* Khawaja Ghulam Farid’s is located in?
Ans. Mithan kot

22* Lahore fort is also known as ?
Ans. Shahi Fort

23* Changa Manga Forest is located near ?
Ans. Lahore

24* Jahangir’s tomb is located in?
Ans. Lahore

25* “Heard of Khyber pakhtunkhwa”
Ans. Mardan

26* Baba Bulleh Shah’s tomb is located in ?
Ans. kasur

27* Shalimar Garden was built in?
Ans. 1642

28* “height of Siachin Glacier”
Ans. 20,000feet

29* “Linght of Siachan Glacier”
Ans. 75km

30* “Batora Glacier in located in”?
Ans. Gilgat Baltistan

31* “Baltura Glacier is located in “?
Ans. Gilgat Baltistan

32* second hightest glacier of the world ?
Ans. Siachan Glacier

33* what is the length of Batora Glacier?
Ans. 55

34* The desert comprises of part of Mianwali,Sargodha,Muzaffargarh and………?
Ans. Dera Ghazi Khan

Important MCQ,s Pakistan Affairs

Important MCQ,s Pakistan Affairs

1. Total District in Pak ?133
2. Total District in Punjab ? 36
3. Total District in KP ? 26
4. Oldest Contonment of Pakistan? Kohat
5. India Construct Wuller Berrage on which river? Jhelum
6. Commander in Chief who was also defence minister in civil Govt? Ayub
7. Who was 2nd Martial Law Administrator ? Yahya Khan
8. Smallest Division of KP? Bannu
9. Jinah Of Pakistan was written by? Stanley Wolpert
10. Shalimar Garden was built by Shah Jehan.
11. Tomb of Iqbal located in? Near Badshahi Masjid
12. Gadani Beach is located in which province? Baluchistan
13. Karakurom Highway connect Pak with? China
14. Smallest state by area? Malta
15. Plant exhale at night time which gas? CO2
16. distance from north and south equator is called? Latitude
17. Eastern Meditarian Island cypress divided between which two country? Greece and Turkey
18. Reuters is the news agency of? UK
19. WWW statnd ? World wide web
20. Most urbanized province of pak? Sindh
21. Black Gold is the name of? Oil
22. coldest area of the world? Siberia
23. Capital of Azad Jamu Kashmir? Muzaffarabad
24. Pak won world cup in? 1992
25. which are of Pakistan is sandwitch between china and Indian occupied Kashmir? Baltistan
26. in 1945-46 which war was fought? First Anglo Sikh war
27. Bristol is the sea port of? Uk
28. 1999 UN peacekeeping mission to which country? Kosovo
29. oldest barrage of Pakistan? Sukkur
30. Gulf war participate by which countrys? Iraq
31. from the moon which structure on the land visible? The great wall of China
32. country shortest coastline? Monaco
33. Country biggest irrigation system of the world? Pakistan
34. largest planet of the solar system? Jupiter
35. City of canals? Venice
36. China situated in which part of Asia? East Asia
37. Sweden currency? Krona
38. Cedi is the currency? Ghana
39. Romania Currency? Lei
40. First cabinet of Pakistan established? 15 August, 1947

Constitutions (1956_1962_1973) high lights

Constitutions (1956_1962_1973) high lights

#Constitutions (1956_1962_1973)

1. Constitution of 1956 was passed from National Assembly on
A. 29th January, 1956
B. 29 February, 1956
C. 29 April, 1956
Answer= B
2. In formation of 1st Constitution __ played very important role
A. Skandar Mirza
B. Muhammad Ali Bogra
C. Ch. Muhammad Ali
3. Constitution of 1956 was enforced on
A. 23rd Feb, 1956
B. 14th Aug, 1956
C. 23rd March, 1956
4. The Constitution of 1956 was framed by the Constituent Assembly in the name of
A. Peoples
B. President
C. Prime Minister
5. The Constitution of 1956 was to assented to by the
A. President
B. Governor General
C. Both (a) and (b)
6. Constitution of Pakistan, 1956 declared Pakistan as
A. Islamic Republic of Pakistan
B. Republic of Pakistan
C. None of the above
7. Definition of the State was provided in Article __, of the Constitution of 1956
A. 2
B. 3
C. 5
8. Part __ of the Constitution of 1956 was granting fundamental rights
A. One
B. Two
C. Three
9. According to the Constitution of, 1956 there shall be ___ form of government in country
A. Parliamentary
B. Presidential
C. None of the above
10. According to the Constitution of 1956 __ was the Head of State
A. President
B. Prime Minister
C. Governor General
11. Minimum age to become President was held ___, year in 1956 Constitution
A. 35
B. 40
C. 45
12. According to the Constitution of 1956 there shall be ___ legislature in country
A. Bi cameral
B. Uni Cameral
C. Tri Cameral
13. According to the Constitution of 1956 __ was the highest Court of country
A. Supreme Court
B. Federal Court
C. High Court
14. According to the Constitution of 1956 ___ were declared as National Languages
A. Urdu and English
B. Urdu and Hindi
C. Urdu and Bengali
15. 1956 Constitution provided __ form of government for the country
A. Unitary
B. Federal
C. Both (a) and (b)
16. The Constitution of 1956 was consisting __ Articles, and __, parts
A. 240 Articles 10 parts
B. 280 Articles 7 parts
C. 234 Articles 13 parts
17. Constitution of 1956 ___ part was dealing with Fundament Rights
A. Part one
B. Part two
C. Part three
18. Constitution of 1956 prevails for ___,
A. 2 years
B. 2
C. 3 years
19. The Constitution of 1956 was abrogated on
A. October, 1958
B. June, 1956
C. July, 1956
20. The Constitution of 1956 was enacted by the assembly in the name of
A. In the name of Islam
B. In the name of Pakistan
C. In the name of peoples
21. Strength of Membership of National Assembly According 1956 Constitution was
A. 340
B. 310
C. 240
22. Constitution of 1956 provided ___ form of election
A. Direct
B. Indirect
C. None of the above
23. Constitution of 1956 provided ___ citizenship of the citizens of the country
A. Single
B. Double
C. Both (a) and (b)
24. According 1956 Constitution powers and authorities were
A. In the hand of Center
B. In the hands of Provinces
C. Divided between (a) and (b)
25. The Constitution of 1956 suggested ___ kind of government for the country
A. Parliamentary From
B. Presidential Form
C. Dictatorship

1. Constitution, of 1962 was made on
A. 23rd March, 1962
B. 28 February, 1962
C. 14 August, 1962
2. Constitution of 1962 was consisting
A. 250 Articles, and 10 parts
B. 260 Articles, and 9 parts
C. 234 Articles, and 12 parts
3. Constitution of 1962, provided __ form of government
A. Parliamentary
B. Presidential
C. None of the above
4. Constitution of 1962, provided __ election for President
A. Direct
B. Indirect
C. Both (a) and (b)
5. According to Constitution of 1962, age limit to cast vote was____
A. 21 years
B. 20 years
C. 18 years
6. According to Constitution of 1962, President was elected through
A. Parliament
B. Provincial assemblies
C. Electoral College
7. According to Constitution of 1962, minimum age limit for President-ship was
A. 35 years
B. 40 years
C. 45 years
8. Article ___ , of the Constitution of 1962, empowered President with power of dissolution of National Assembly
A. 13
B. 23
C. 33
9. Under Article 13 of the Constitution of 1962 ___ can be impeached
A. President
B. Prime-Minister
C. Speaker
10. The Constitution of 1962, held __ religion for Speaker of National Assembly
A. Islam
B. Non believer
C. No restriction upon
11. The Constitution of 1962, provided Federation consisting centre and __ provinces
A. 2
B. 3
C. 1
12. Total strength of Members of National Assembly according to Constitution of 1962, was
A. 156 members
B. 218 members
C. 318 members
13. According to Constitution of 1962, Provincial Assemblies were consisting __ members
A. 200
B. 218
C. 220
14. In initial name of the Country in 1962 Constitution was held
A. Republic of Pakistan
B. Islamic Republic of Pakistan
C. Islamic Democratic Pakistan
15. Through an amendment in __ 1962, name of the State was declared Islamic Republic of Pakistan instead of Republic of Pakistan
A. December
B. October
C. August
16. According to Constitution of 1962 __ was the Chief Executive of the Country
A. President
B. Prime-Minister
17. Term and Tenure of President Office in Constitution of 1962, was
A. 4 years
B. 5 years
C. 6 years
18. According to Constitution of 1962, __ was the highest Court of the country
A. Supreme Court
B. Federal Court
C. Federal Shariat Court
19. Constitution of 1962, provided __ Legislature
A. Uni Cameral
B. Bi Cameral
C. Tri-Cameral
20. As per Constitution of 1962 age limit for Judge of Supreme Court was
A. Sixty years
B. Sixty two years
C. Sixty five years
21. As per Constitution of 1962 retiring age of High Court Judge was
A. Sixty years
B. Sixty two years
C. Sixty five years
22. As per Constitution of 1962, __ were held National Languages
A. Urdu
B. Bengali
C. Both (a) and (b)
23. According to Constitution of 1962, ___ was given to provinces
A. Provincial autonomy
B. Independence
C. Self control
24. Constitution of 1962 declared ___ as Capital of the country
A. Karachi
B. Lahore
C. Islamabad
25. Article 29 of the Constitution of 1962 empowered President in absence of National Assembly to promulgate an __ with the same powers and force as an Act of the Legislature
A. Ordinance
B. Instrument
C. Bill
26. By Article 226 of the Constitution of 1962 Field Marshal Ayub Khan was become the First __ of Pakistan
A. Chief Executive
B. Martial Law Administrator
C. President
27. Constitution of 1962 was replaced by
A. Provisional Constitution Order of 1969
B. Legal Frame Work Order of 1971
C. Constitution of 1973
28. Constitution of 1962, was abrogated on
A. March, 1969
B. June, 1970
C. July 1970 of 1962
29. Constitution of 1962 remained for
A. Six years
B. Seven years
C. Eight years
30. The Constitution of 1962 is also famous as
A. One man show
B. Sign of dictatorship
C. Absolute Constitution
31. Constitution of 1962 was abrogated by
A. General Tikka Khan
B. General Agha Muhammad Yahya Khan
C. General Asghar Khan

1. Constitution of 1973 was authenticated and published in the official Gazette on
A. 23rd March, 1973
B. 12th May, 1973
C. 12th April, 1973
2. The Constitution of 1973 came into force on
A. 23rd March, 1973
B. 12th May, 1973
C. 14th August, 1973
3. Constitution of 1973 consist
A. 250 Articles,
B. 280 Articles
C. 285 Articles
4. Constitution of 1973 consist __
A. 6 schedules
B. 7 schedules
C. 8 schedules
5. Objectives Resolution was passed on
A. January, 1949
B. February, 1949
C. March, 1949
D. None of above
6. According to Objectives Resolution sovereignty over the entire Universe belongs to
A. Public of Pakistan
B. Almighty Allah
C. Government of Pakistan
D. None of above
7. According to Objectives Resolution authority enjoyed by the peoples of Pakistan within limits prescribed by Almighty Allah as sacred ___
A. Trust
B. Right
C. Duty
D. None of above
8. Objectives Resolution provided that the State shall exercise its powers and authority through ___
A. Dictators
B. Elected representatives of peoples
C. Both (a) and (b)
D. None of above
9. Objectives Resolution stress that the Muslims of Pakistan shall enable to order their lives ____
A. Secular
B. As per teachings of Islam
C. Both (a) and (b)
D. None of above
10. According to Objectives Resolution minorities shall be made
A. Free to serve their lives according to their own religion
B. Bound to serve their lives according teachings of Islam
C. To serve their lives according to government policies
D. None of above
11. According to Objectives Resolution independence of the judiciary shall be
A. Attached
B. Fully secured
C. Developed
D. None of above
12. Objectives Resolution demanded that Pakistan
A. Shall play its positive role for international community
B. Play model role for Muslim Countries
C. Both (a) and (b)
D. None of above
13. Objectives Resolution was set as __ in 1973 Constitution
A. Preamble
B. Annexure
C. First Schedule
14. The Constitution of 1973 declared Pakistan as
A. Republic of Pakistan
B. Islamic Republic of Pakistan
C. Federation of Pakistan
15. As per Article 1 of the Constitution territories of Pakistan shall comprise
A. The Province of Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Punjab Sindh, Federal Capital and FATA
B. Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Punjab, Sindh and FATA
C. Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Punjab, Sindh and Islamabad Capital Territory
16. Islam to be the State religion of Pakistan as provided in ___ of the Constitution of 1973
A. Article 1
B. Article 2
C. Article 2(A)
17. According to Article 2A Objectives Resolution is ___ Part of the Constitution
A. First
B. Corroborative
C. Substantive
18. The basic duty of every citizen of Pakistan is that
A. He must be faithful person
B. He must play creative role for development of Pakistan
C. He must be loyalth to Pakistan
19. Loyalty to state and obedience to Constitution and law is basic duty of every citizen of Pakistan and it is provided in
A. Article 5 of the Constitution
B. Article 5-A of the Constitution
C. Article 6 of the Constitution
D. None of above
20. Any person who abrogates or subverts or suspends or held in abeyance, or attempts or conspires to abrogate or suspend or held in abeyance, the Constitution by use of force or show of force or by any other unconstitutional means shall be guilty of
A. High treason
B. Felony
C. Sedition
21. As per Article 6(3) __ is empowered to provide punishment of persons found guilty of high treason
A. Majlis-e-Shoora (Parliament)
B. Supreme Court
C. Law enforcement agencies
D. None of above
22. Definition of the State is provided in Article ___ of the Constitution of 1973
A. 7
B. 8
C. Both (a) and (b)
D. None of above
23. Articles __ to ___ of The Constitution of 1973 are providing Principles of Policy
A. 18 to 28
B. 29 to 40
C. 28 to 38
D. None of above
24. Article 8 Constitution of 1973 describe any law inconsistent with or in derogation of Fundamental rights
A. To be void
B. To be illegal
C. To be valid
25. No person shall be deprived of life or liberty save in accordance with law as provided in
A. Article 8 of the Constitution of 1973
B. Article 9 of the Constitution of 1973
C. Article 10 of the Constitution of 1973
26. Articles __ to ___ of the Constitution deals with Fundamental Rights
A. 8 to 28
B. 8 to 30
C. 8 to 32
27. Any right which has been provided by the Constitution of 1973 is called
A. National right
B. Inherent right
C. Fundamental right
28. Safeguards as to arrest and detention is provided in ___ of the Constitution
A. Article 8
B. Article 10
C. Article 12
29. Article 10-A of the Constitution deals with
A. Right to fair trial
B. Right to safeguard against illegal detention
C. None of above
30. Right to fair trial is __ right of every citizen of Pakistan
A. Fundamental
B. Inherent
C. Natural
31. Slavery, forced labour, etc. are prohibited in Article __, of the Constitution of 1973
A. 11
B. 11-A
C. None of above
32. Article 12 of the Constitution of 1973 provided protection against
A. Terrorism
B. Illegal detention
C. Retrospective punishment
33. Article 13 of the Constitution protects from
A. Illegal
B. Unfair trial
C. Double punishment
34. No person shall be subjected to torture for the purpose of extracting evidence is provided in Article ___, of the Constitution 1973
A. 14
B. 14(I)
C. 14(2)
35. Article 15, of the Constitution of 1973 provided freedom of
A. Speech
B. Movement
C. Schooling
36. Freedom of assembly is provided in Article ___ of the Constitution of 1973
A. 121
B. 15
C. 16
37. Freedom of __ is provided in Article 17 of the Constitution of 1973
A. Assembly
B. Association
C. None of above
38. Article 18 of the Constitution, 1973 deals with
A. Freedom of trade
B. Freedom of business or profession
C. Both (a) and (b)
39. Every citizen shall have the right to have access to information in all matters of public importance subject to regulation and reasonable restrictions imposed by law is provided in Article __, of The Constitution of 1973
A. 18
B. 19
C. 19A
40. Article __ of the Constitution, 1973 provided safeguard against taxation for the purpose any particular religion
A. 20
B. 21
C. 22




Q1. When Mohammad Ali Junah born?
Ans:- 25th December 1876.

Q2. When Mohammad Ali Jinah died?
Ans:- 11th September 1948.

Q3. Who is entitled as father of Pakistani Nation?.
Ans:- “Qaid Aizam” Mohammad Ali Jinah.

Q4. When Mohammad Ali Jinah Joined the all India Muslim league?
Ans;- In year 1913.

Q5. Who was the first governor general of Pakistan?
Ans:- Qaid Aizam Mohammad Jinah.

Q6. When Lacknow pact took place?
Ans:- In year 1916.

Q7: When the Pakistan Resolution was Passed?
Ans:- On 24th March 1940, in Lahore.

Q8. What is the other name of Pakistan Resolution?
Ans:- Lahore resolution.

Q9. In which session of All India Muslim League the Pakistan resolution was Passed?
Ans:- In 27th Session held on 22, 23 & 24th March 1940 at Lahore.

Q:10. Who presented Pakistan Resolution?
Ans:- Maulvi A.K Fazul Haque.

Q:11. Under whose leadership the Pakistan resolution was presented?
Ans:- Qaid Aizam Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

Q:12. Who supported Pakistan resolution from UP?
Ans:- Ch.Khalique-uz-Zaman, Maulana Abdul Hamid Badayuni & Begum Mohammad Ali Johar.

Q:13. Who supported the resolution of Pakistan from CP?
Ans:- Sardar Abdul Rauf Shah.

Q:14. Who supported Pakistan resolution from NWFP?
Ans:- Sardar Aurangzeb.

Q:15. Who supported Pakistan resolution from Sindh?
Ans:- Abdullah Haroon.

Q:16. Who Supported Pakistan resolution from Madras?
Ans:- Abdul Hamid Khan.

Q:17. Who supported Pakistan resolution from Bombay?
Ans: I.I Chundrigar.

Q:18. Who supported Pakistan resolution from Balochistan?
Ans:- Qazi Isa.

Q:19. Who supported Pakistan resolution from Punjab?
Ans:- Maulana Zaffar Ali Khan & Dr.Mohammad Aslam.

Q:20. Who supported Pakistan Resolution from Kashmir?
Ans:- Pir Ziauddin Andrabi.

Q:21. At which place in Lahore Pakistan Resolution was passed?
Ans:- Minto Park (New:Iqball Parak) Lahore.

Q:22. Who translated Pakistan resolution in Urdu?
Ans:- Maulana Zaffar Ali Khan.

Q:23. Name the Lady representative of AIML who supported Pakistan resolution?
Ans:- Amjad Banu.

Q:24. When AIML was came into force?
Ans:- 30th December 1906, At Dakka.

Q:25. Who proposed the Idea of formation of Political Organization of Muslims of India.
Ans:- Nawab Samiullah Khan of Dhakka.

Q:26. What was the Ist name of AIML?
Ans:- Muslim all India confederacy.

Q:27. When the Ist annual Session of AIML was held.
Ans:- In year 1907, at Karachi.

Q:28. Who was the Ist President of AIML?
Ans: Sir Agha Khan.

Q:29. When Pakistan resolution become the Part of the constitution of AIML?
Ans:- In year 1941.

Q:30. In which assembly the Pakistan resolution was ist time produced in India.
Ans:- In 1938, in Sindh Assembly.

Q:31. Who was the Ist Prime Minster of Pakistan?
Ans:- Liaquat Ali Khan.

Q:32. Who Was the Ist speaker of National Assembly of Pakistan?
Ans:- Qaid Aizam Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

Q:33. Who supported Pakistan resolution from Bihar?
Ans: Nawab M. Ismail.

Q:34. When a while Paper on Indian affairs was published?
Ans:- On 10th April 1940.

Q:35. Who gave the concept of two Nation theory?
Ans:- Allama Mohammad Iqball.

Q:36. When Mohammad Iqball was Born?
Ans:- 9th November 1877 in Sialkot.

Q:38. Who was founder of Mohammad Anglo oriental College in Aligarh?
Ans:- In year 1875.

Q:39. When Mohammad Anglo oriental College in Aligarh was upgraded as Aligarh Muslim University?
Ans:- In year 1920.

Q:40. When the Urdu became official Language?
Ans:- In year 1837.

Q:41. Since when the war of independence was started?
Ans:- Since year 1957.

Q:42. When Indian National Congress came into focrce?
Ans:- In year 1885.

Q:43. When Nahru report was produced?
Ans:- In year 1928.

Q:44. When Qaid Aizam Mohammad Jinnah produced 14 points?
Ans: In year 1929.

Q:45. When Allama Mohammad Iqball Addressed the AIML?
Ans:- In year 1930.

Q:46. When Partition Plan was produced?
Ans:- On 3rd June 1947.

Q:47. When Government of India Act was passed?
Ans:- In year 1935.

Q:48. When the communal award was passed?
Ans: In year 1932.

Q:49. When cripps mission Plan was given?
Ans:- In year 1942.

Q:50. When Cabinet mission plan was given?
Ans:- In year 1946.

MCQS of Pakistan Affairs

MCQS of Pakistan Affairs


Who was the founder of the Mughal Empire? Babur

When was First Battle of Panipat fought? 1526

Who defeated Ibrahim Lodhi in the First Battle of panipat? Babur

When did Babur died ? In 1530

Where is the Tomb of Babur situated? Kabul

*Who is the father of Akbar ?

When was Second Battle of Panipat ? in the year 1556

*Who is defeated in the Second Battle of Panipat ?
Hemu is defeated by Akbar*

Who abolished the religious tax Jaziya ? Akbar (in the year1564)

When did Akbar captured Gujarat ? In the year 1572

Who built the city Fathepur Sikri (City of Victory) ? Akbar

*Who built Buland Darwaza ?
Akbar (Buland Darwaza is the gate way of Fathepur Sikri)*

Where is Ibadatkhana situated ? It is a prayer house in Fathepur Sikri ,constructed by Akbar

Who is the First English man to reach India ? Ralph Fitch (during Akbar’s reign)

What is the name of religion founded by Akbar ? Din ilahi (It means Divine Faith)

Who was the Mughal Empire when the English East India Company was being founded in1600 December 31 ? Akbar

Where is the tomb of Akbar situated ? Sikandra near Agra

What is the name of Akbar’s military system? Mansabdari system

Who was Akbar’s revenue minister? Raja Todarmal

Which Mughal empire built Agrafort ? Akbar

What was the early name of Jahangir? Salim

Who was the Sikh guru who was executed by Mughal empire Jahangir ? Arjun Dev (fifth sikh guru)

Which Mughal empire built the Shalimar Garden ? Jahangir (in Srinagar)

Which Mughal empire built the Nishat Garden ? Jahangir (in Srinagar)

What is the name of Jahangir’s Autobiography ? Tuzukh -i- Jahangiri (in persian language)

Where is the tomb of Jahangir situated ? Shahadhara Bagh in Lahore

What was the early name of Shahjahan ? Khurram

Which Mughal Empire’s period is considered as the Golden Age of Mughal Architecture? Shahjahan

Who is the architect of Tajmahal? Ustad Isa

Which Mughal Empire built the Redfort ? Shahjahan

What is the Gate way of Redfort called as ? Lahore Gate

Who built the famous Peacock Throne ? Shahjahan

*Which Mughal empire is known as ‘Zinda Pir’ ?

*Which Mughal empire banned music and dance ?

What is the name of Sikh Guru who was executed by Aurangazeb ? Guru Teg Bahadur

Who built the monument Bibi ka Makbara ? Aurangazeb (Bibi ka Makbara is known as mini Tajmahal)

Where is Aurangazeb’s tomb situated ? Daulatabad in Maharashtra

Which ruler used the gun-powder for the first time in India? Babur, in the first battle of Panipat

What is “Tuzuk-e-Babri”? It is the autobiography of Babur. He wrote it In Turkish Language

During the reign of which Mughal ruler there was a Sikh rising in Punjab under the leadership of Banda Bahadur? Bahadur Shah

Who abolished the Jazia tax reimposed by Aurangzeb ? -Jahandar Shah

Who was Ahmad Shah Abdali ? He was the Defense Minister of Nadir Shah

Between whom the third battle of Panipat was fought and when ? Ahmad Shah Abdali and the Marathas in 1761 AD

Who was the last ruler of Mughal dynasty ? Bahadur Shah Zafar

Where Bahadur Shah Zafar died ? In Rangoon



1. Pulwama incident happen on?( 14 Feb?
2. No of Indian army killed on this incident? (44)
3. Indian army did surgical strike on? (26 feb)
3. Which Indian jet take part in this strike? MIG- 21)
4. Pakistan retaliate on ?( 27 feb)
5. Which Pakistani pilot shot down Indian jet? (Hassan Siddiqui
6. Indian wind commander captured from which place?
7. Name of Indian pilot captured?( Abhinandan Kumar)
8. When Indian wing commander released?(1 March)
9. OIc annual meeting held on?( 1 march)
10. Which oic member boycott this meeting?(Pakistan)
11.Abhinandan was flying which jet??(MIG 21)
12. Abhinandan belong to which place in india?? (tambaram)
13.rank of abhinandan ?? (wing commander )
14.Abhinandan service number (27981)

Pakistan Affairs & Current Affairs

Pakistan Affairs & Current Affairs

  • The North-South gas pipeline will transport LNG from Karachi to Lahore
  • Abdul Sattar Edhi Died on July 8, 2016, Karachi.

ü Oct 16: Pakistan became the first head of the Saarc’s Anti Corruption Forum (ACF) for a year.

  • Oct 16: Comrade Lakhano Behrani — one of the first flag-bearers of leftist movements in Sindh — passed away.
  • Oct 15: The International Day of Rural Women is observed
  • Oct 15: Brazil won the inaugural BRICS U-17 Football Tournament 2016 held at Goa on the occasion of the 8th BRICS summit.
  • Oct 16: The World Food Day was observed globally
  • Russia will invest $2 billion in the construction of North-South gas pipeline.
  • The total length of North-South gas pipeline is 1,100 km
  • Around 12.4 billion m3 of gas would be transported from Karachi to Lahore per annum through North-South gas pipeline.
  • Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif inaugurated construction of 393 km long Sukkur-Multan section of Karachi-Lahore Motorway in Sukkur on 6 May 2016
  • The total length of Karachi-Lahore Motorway is 1,100 km
  • Pakistan issued 10-year Eurobonds of $500 million in the international Eurobond market on 25 September 2015.
  • The pricing of the Eurobonds were held on 24 September 2015

Current Affairs

  • After Islamabad and Muzaffarabad, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on 2 May 2016 launched the National Health Program in Quetta
  • The Iranian President Dr. Hassan Rouhani arrived in Pakistan for a two-day visit on 25 March 2016
  • The National Action Plan announced on 25 December 2014 by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is a 20 point counter terrorism plan.
  • The construction work on Karachi green line (or Karachi Metro bus service) was inaugurated on 26 February 2016
  • The estimated cost of the Karachi green line is Rs 16,085 billion.
  • On 31 December 2015 PM’s National Health Program was launched in Islamabad
  • On 25 February 2016 PM’s National Health Program was launched in Muzaffarabad
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