FPSC Latest Questions

FPSC Latest Questions

FPSC latest questions

Ques:) Holy Prophet was born in?
Answ:) 571 A.D 22nd April
Ques:) Hazrat Hajirah (RA) Was the Mother Of?
Answ:) Hazrat Ismail
Ques:) Jab President Nhi Hota To Mulk Kon Chalata Hy?
Answ:) Senate chairman
Ques:) Ghazwa khandak main khandak Ki length and width?
Answ:) 10km long 22ft wide 16ft depth
Ques:) Kaleem Ullah Kis Ka Laqab Tha?
Answ:) Hazrat Musa
Ques:) Largest Dam in Pakistan?
Answ:) Tarbela
Ques:) Quid-e-Azam 14 points ki date?
Answ:) 1929
Ques:) Makah was conquered by Holy Prophet (PBUH) on?
Answ:) 08 Hijri
Ques:) Head quarters of Pak army?
Answ:) GHQ (General Head Quarters) Rawalpindi.
Ques:) Son of Hazrat Adam (a.s)?
Answ:) 3
Ques:) Chief of army staff?
Answ:) General Qamar Javed Bajwa
Ques:) Camel name of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) during migration?
Answ:) Qaswa
Ques:) Hazrat Adam was thrown in which country?
Answ:) sri lanka
Ques:) Messaq-e-Madina?
Answ:) 622 hijari
Ques:) Shimla conference?
Answ:) June 1945
Ques:) Which country has largest border with Pakistan?
Answ:) With India 2,912 km
Ques:) Which military award belongs to Britten?
Answ:) Victoria Cross
Ques:) How many times the name of Holy Prophet (PBUH) is mentioned in the Holy Quran?
Answ:) 4
Ques:) Hazrat Adam (a.s) had —– son’s and—- daughters?
Answ:) 3 sons and 2 daughters
Ques:) Which Prophet sleeps 100 years and again woke up?
Answ:) Hazrat Uzair a.s
Ques:) How many days Hazrat Yousaf (a.s) remained in the well?
Answ:) 3 days
Ques:) Only Sahabi mentioned in Quran is?
Answ:) Hazrat Zaid bin Haris
Ques:) Members of SAARC.
Answ:) 8
Ques:) Speakers of Prophet title of which Prophet?
Answ:) Hazrat Shoaib a.s
Ques:) The incident of Karbala took place in which Moharram?
Answ:) 61 A.H
Ques:) Height of Hazrat Adam (a.s)?
Answ:) 90 feet
Ques:) Who imposed 1st Martial Law in Pakistan?
Answ:) Ayub khan 1958
Ques:) Ali Garh got a status of college/University
Answ:) 1877 College, 1920 University
Ques:) Pak became a member Of UNO on
Answ:) 30 Sept 1947
Ques:) Tochi Pass is b/w?
Answ:) Pakistan and china
Ques:) 2018 Olympics will held in?
Answ:) Pyeongchang, South Korea
Ques:) MAO high school Aligarh given the status of college in?
Answ:) 1977
Ques:) 3rd round table conference?
Answ:) 1932
Ques:) Defence minister name?
Answ:) Khurram Dastgir Khan.
Ques:) Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee (CJCSC) name?
Answ:) General Zubair Mahmood Hayat
Answ:) Admiral Zafar Mahmood Abbasi, HI(M).
Ques:) Objective resolution of Pakistan was passed in?
Answ:) 12th March, 1949
Ques:) Largest Country by Population
Answ:) China
Ques:) Largest Country By Area
Answ:) Russia
Ques:) Speaker national assembly
Answ:) Ayaz sadik
Ques:) Gazwa uhed?
Answ:) 3hijri
Ques:) Pakistan ki mysht ma bra hisa
Answ:) zerat
Ques:) komi asembli ki myad
Answ:) 5 sal
Ques:) jihad ka meaning
Answ:) koshish krna
Ques:) Chora chori Incedent ?
Answ:) 1922
Ques:) First & last mughal badshah ?
Answ:) First mughal Emperor: Zaheer-ud-din Babar & Last mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar.
Ques:) Last wahi where and when revealed?
Answ:) 10 hijri..hajjah tul wadaa
Ques:) One one function ?
Answ:) Injective
Ques:) Biggest FATA agency ?
Answ:) South wazeristan
Ques:) Who was first empiral in india?
Answ:) Mauryan empire
Ques:) zakat k musaraf ?
Answ:) 8
Ques:) Sura E Maryam in which para?
Answ:) 16
Ques:) biggest thermal power of Pakistan?
Answ:) kot addu
Ques:) Who is the largest producer of quartz?
Answ:) CUBNAcademic Questions of PMA 139 Initial test
Ques:) lucknow pact?
Answ:) 1916……

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