1. Aab-e-zam zam is 140 feet deep.
2. Hallide bridge canal is biggest canal of Pakistan.
3. Length of river Ravi is 901 km.
4. Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.W) migrated to Madina in 13th Nabvi.
5. Africa is known as Dark Continent.
6. Holy Quran was revealed in 611 A.C.
7. After freedom war Sir Syed Ahmed Khan took responsibility of Muslims.
8. Suzie is the name of a city.
9. Aurangzeb Aalamgir made Badshahi Mosque.
10. Tarbella dam is located in Khyber pakhtun khawa.
11. Liaquat Ali Khan was got Martyred on 16th October, 1951.
12. Bible was revealed on Hazrat Isa (A.S).
13. Zulafqar Ali Bhutto was the first president of Pakistan, who was not in Army.
14. Bangladesh is in the east of Pakistan.
15. Holy Quran was revealed in month of Ramzan.
16. Jasmine is the national flower of Pakistan.
17. Hina Lake is in Quetta.
18. Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.W) had 7 children.3 sons and 4 daughters.
19. Messenger of ALLAH is called Prophet.
20. Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S) build “Khana Kaaba”.
21. Quaid e Azam started his law practice in 1901.
22. Yousaf Raza Gillani is 18th prime minister of Pakistan.
23. Pakistan first accepted Iran as a Country.
24. Ameer-u-deen khhudwai designed national flag.
25. Hazrat Usman (R.A) arranged the present arrangement of Holy Quran.
26. Simon commission came to Pakistan in 1928-1929.
27. Name of the book of Ch. Rehmat Ali Khan is “NOW OR NEVER”.
28. “Urdu Hindi dispute” started on 1867.
29. In 2nd world war America Attacked through Belgium.
30. Hazrat Khalid bin Waleed (R.A) embraced Islam in 6th Hijri.
31. PIA was established in 1955.
32. Muhammad bin Qasim defeated raja Dahir.
33. Ali Garh collage got the status of university in 1920.
34. Indian national congress was established by A.O Hume.
35. Mehmood abbas is the president of Palestine.
36. Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi attacked 17 times on sub-continent.
37. Members of national and provincial assemblies elected the members of senate.
38. Punjab University is the largest university of Pakistan.
39. Oldest power house of Pakistan is “Warsik Dam”.
40. Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.W) first came to Madina in 13th Nabvi.
41. First five verses of Holy Quran were revealed in Cave Hira.
42. Pacific Ocean is largest ocean of the world.
43. Atlantic Ocean lies between America and Africa.
44. Head office of OIC is in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
45. Head quarter of United Nations is in New York.
46. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan died on 27th march, 1898.
47. Nehru report was presented in 1928.
48. Term “War on Terror” was used after 9/11.
49. Surah Baqra is at number 2 in Holy Quran.
50. David Cameron is the prime minister of UK.
12. ECO (economic Corporation Organization) consists of 10 members.
13. Writer of “Israr-e-Khudi” is Allama Iqbal.
14. Minto Marley terms were made in 1909.
15. “Malay” is the capital of Maldeep.
16. Holy Quran is 4th Holy Book.
17. Descartes discover geometry in 1619.
18. Nelson Mandela was the first blackish leader of South Africa.
19. 20 abutments have been made in 1973 constitution.
20. Angel of death is Hazrat Izraeel (A.S).
21. Norway Is known as “land of setting sun”.
22. Japan is known as “land of rising sun”.
23. Anti terrorist center is established in Peshawar.
24. Israel came into being in 1948.
25. Sana’a is the mountain near Khana Kaaba.
26. First journey of Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.W) was to Abwa.
27. “End of The World theory” was presented by Locoyama.
28. Muslims entered in Sindh in 712.
29. Land between Pakistan and Kazakhstan is known as land of “Pak Afghan Border”.
30. Area of Punjab is 205345 km. square.
31. Angela Markel is germen chancellor.
32. Afghanistan has no prime minister.
33. Najashi was preached by Hazrat Jafar Tayyar (R.A).
34. English Channel is associated with BBC.
35. Abu Sufiyan was the leader of non-Muslims in Ghazwa-e-Ohad.
36. Badar is the name of a ground.
37. 1857 war was fought between England and India.
38. Head office of SAARC is in Kathmandu, Nepal.
1. Bahadur shah zafar ruled for 20 years.
2. Abu Sufiyan embraced Islam in 8th Hijri.
3. Incidents of “Chora Chori” were held in 1920.
4. “Yang He” is in china.
5. There are 12 months in Islamic calendar.
6. GHQ is located in Rawalpindi.
7. Holy Quran has 558 Rakuh.
8. First mosque build by Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.W) was “Quba”.
9. Area of Afghanistan is 647500km.square.
10. Population of Pakistan 1998 was 13000000.
11. “Puma Lake” is in America.
12. Hazrat Ameer Hamza (R.A) was the uncle of Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.W).
13. Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.W) was “Son in law” of Hazrat Abu Bakar (R.A).
14. Battle of Plassey was fought in 1757.
15. The meaning of Arithmetic is “Sequence”.
16. Grand Canal is in china.
17. In Pakistan voter should be of 18 years.
18. “River Tiger” is in Iraq.
19. Largest waterfall of the world is in “Venswella”.
20. Last Asian games were held in China.
21. “Anti Peterson” was the first women councilor of America.
22. Head of ICJ (international Court of Justice) is in The Hague (Netherlands).
23. First Pakistani Squash champion is Hashim khan.
24. Jan Sher khan is the Pakistani Squash player, who has won most championships.
25. “Mosque Zarrar” was the name of mosque of Munafqeen.
26. Hinda was the wife of Abu Sufiyan.
27. Football world cup held after every four years.
28. Old name of Khana Kaaba is “Harram”.
29. Venice, the Bride of the Sea is in northern Italy.
30. Allama Iqbal was the student of “MISSION HIGH SCHOOL, SIALKOT”.
31. Great Wall of China was completed in 204 B.C.
32. Great Wall of China is 1500 miles long, 25 ft high and 12 ft wide at the top.
33. The city of Rome was founded in 753 B.C.
34. So far 27 abundments have been made in the US constitution.
35. The statue of liberty was installed in 1886; its height is 151.1 feet.
36. IRNA is the news agency of Iran.
37. Largest desert of Pakistan is “Thar”.
38. Whale fish feeds its babies on milk.
1. British higher military award is “Victoria cross”.
2. Saudi Arabia is the largest oil exporter in the world.
3. Russia embedded Afghanistan in1979.
4. Mustafa kamal, particularly known as kamal Ataturk, the founder of modern turkey was born in
1881 and died in 1938.
5. Pakistan put its first satellite Badar-I into orbit in 1990.
6. North yaman and south yaman were reunited as yaman in 1990.
7. The original inhabitants of America are known as red Indians.
8. The legislative assembly of AJK consists of 49 seats.
9. The modern Olympic Games were first held in 1896 in Athens, Greece.
10. Gawadar became a part of Pakistan in 9 September, 1958.
11. Suez Canal was opened in 1869.
12. Hitler assumed power in Germany in 1933.
13. The people republic of china was established in 1949 after the defeat of nationalist forces.
14. Pass between Pakistan and Afghanistan are “Khyber pass, Bolan pass, and Khojak pass.”
15. “Panjnad pass” join Pakistan and china.
16. America, Britain, Russia, France, Japan, Italy, Germany are G-8 countries.
17. Pakistan, India, Maldeep, Bhutan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan are countries of
18. “Mongolia” is in the east of China.
19. “Sues canal” is in Egypt. This canal joins red sea and Mediterranean Sea.
20. “Panama canal” is in Panama.
21. “Dead sea” is in Jordan. Aquatic life is not possible in this.
22. “Atlantic ocean” is between America and Europe.
23. “Hilal-e-Jurat” is after Nishan e Haider in Military Awards.
24. “Somalia” is located in Africa.
25. National anthem is written by Hafeez Jalandhri.
26. There is no sea that touches the boundaries of Afghanistan and Nepal.
27. Brig. Shami, Sarfraz Rafique and M.M Alam were awarded by “Hilal-e-Jurat”.
28. Indian Ocean is in south of Pakistan.
29. “ALLAHU AKBAR” is the slogan of Pak Army.
30. Lance Naik is equal to Air man of Air Force.
31. “Green peace” is Agency for take care of environment.
32. There are 99 men and 22 women in Khyber Pakhtun Khawa assembly.
33. British have no written constitution.
34. India did nuclear explosion in “Pokhran”.
35. If there is an explosion on sun, its sound cannot reach the earth.
36. “Yellow Sea” is in China.
37. “Black Sea” is in turkey.
38. West Indies is in the north of Latin America.
39. K-2 is the part of “Qaraqaram Mountain”.
1. Pakistan did nuclear explosion in 28th may, 1998 at Chaghi.
2. Ghouri missile is a nuclear missile. Its name is on the name of Shahab-u-din Ghouri.
3. Chief justice of Pakistan is Iftikhar Ahmed Choudhry.
4. Sky colour is blue due to Ozone.
5. There are 57 countries in OIC.
6. 207 countries are in UNO.
7. Upper house of Parliament is called Senate.
8. Longest boundary of Pakistan is Durand line along with Afghanistan.
9. K.R.L is the abbreviation of Kahuta Research Laboratories.
10. Nepal is in the west of Bhutan.
11. Quetta, Chaman, Zob, Ziarat, Qalat.
12. Objective resolution was presented by Liaquat Ali Khan in 1949, in national assembly.
13. “Khanki Barrage” is located near Mian Chunu.
14. Red colour is the sign of dander because its frequency is very high.
15. “Desert Gobi” is in China.
16. Parade held on 23rd march is known as Pakistan day Parade.
17. “McMahon line” is boundary line between China and India.
18. Panama is in South America.
19. GTR means Grand Trunk Road.
20. Taxila located between Rawalpindi and Attock.
21. “Nishan-e-Pakistan” is higher civil award of Pakistan.
22. Highest battle field is “Siachen Glacier”.
23. New Zealand is in Australia continent.
24. Length of Pakistan India Border is 1610 km.
25. Length of boundary between Pakistan and Afghanistan is 2250 km.
26. Brigadier and Air commodore of Air force are equal.
27. “Hatf missile” is on the name of Sword of Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.W).
28. Weight of any object on earth will be equal to 1/6 of its original weight.
29. Area of turkey is 744742 km. square.
30. Afghanistan is in the north of Iran.
31. 8th OIC conference was held in Iran in 1997.
32. “Minar-e-Pakistan is 197 feet high.
33. GT road was constructed by Sher Shah Suri.
34. Pakistan is the member of D-8, ECO, SAARC, UNO, and OIC.
35. Dr. Abdul Salam rewarded by first noble prize of physics.
36. 4th OIC conference was held in Pakistan.
37. Red sea is besides Saudi Arabia and Yaman.
38. Mediterranean Sea in the south of Europe, north of Africa and in west of Asia.
1. “Battle of Panipat” was fought between Zaheer-u-din Baber and Ibrahim Lodhi in 1526.
2. Spain is the world champion of football.
3. Muhammad Husain Irshad was the first president of SAARC.
4. Muslim League was established in 1906.
5. Moulana Muhammad Ali Johar and Moulana Shoukat Ali Johar were known as “Ali
6. Height of K-2 is 8624m.
7. Range of Ghouri Missile is 1500 km – 2300km.
8. Shah Jahan constructed “Lal Qila”.
9. Major General Sikander Mirza was first president of Pakistan.
10. National anthem of Pakistan was composed by “Abdul Kareem Chhangla”.
11. First president of all India Muslim league was Sir Agha Khan.
12. Pakistan became the member of United Nations in September, 1947.
13. In Pakistan 53% of population is related to agriculture.
14. “Istanbul” is the city of Turkey, whose half part is in Europe and half is in Asia.
15. “River Dajla” is in Iraq.
16. “Makran Coast” is the longest Coast of Pakistan.
17. “Neil Armstrong” placed his first step on moon.
18. Length of boundary line between Pakistan and China is 600 km.
19. Islamic Revolution Came in Iran in 1979.
20. Lake Manchar is in Sindh.
21. Length of Khojak Pass is 5.3 km.
22. United Nations Organization (UNO) was established in 1945 in New York.
23. World war two started in 1935.
24. Total Coastal area of Pakistan is 700 km.
25. Length of boundary line between Pakistan and Iran is 900 km.
26. Fata Consists of Kuram agency, Malakand agency, Mohmand Agency, northern and western
27. China, America, Russia, British and France are veto power countries.
28. 5 large cities of Sindh:
Karachi, Haiderabad, Sankharr, Mirpur Khas and Sakhar.
29. 5 large cities of Khyber pakhtun khawa:
Peshawar, Abbotabad, Nosherah, Dera Ismail khan and Dera ghazi khan.
30. 5 large cities of Punjab:
Lahore, Gujranwala, Rawalpindi, Gujarat, Sialkot, Multan and Jhelum.
31. 5 large cities of Baluchistan:
Quetta, Zob, Chamman, Qalat and Ziarat.

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